The Endo Profiles: Cathy…good can come out of bad

I hate New Year’s Resolutions and all that focus on life changes…. it lasts at best a month, at worst a few days.  My only one this year was to focus on the positive and to disengage from everyone else’s drama and negativity.  It’s the beginning of Spring and a time for changes, looking forward to better weather, better light and an overall better mood.  I’ve started doing the Grateful Jar, putting in one good thing every day and then next year I can open it up and read through them and remember all those good things. Even doing it on a daily basis (ok I’ll admit sometimes I have to do a few days together 🙂 , just focusing on that one good thing is a good way to end the day.

There are strong people out there that get hit with a raw deal, and yet they find the positive, they use it to their advantage and they focus on it.   Cathy is one of those women.  Like many others she was diagnosed in her mid 30’s.  Like many women this disease has wrecked havoc on her life, affecting relationships and leaving her in a lot of pain.

However she has turned the disease on its head by educating herself about it, fighting for the right treatment and researching alternative treatments.    In early 2015, a friend of mine told me about a Kiniesologist she had been to visit and maybe it was worth a try with all my “period issues” … at this point I was undiagnosed.  I had been to the gynaecologist once again only to be put on another pill so I was pretty fed up with it all.  I went to see Cathy, listed my symptoms, and said it had been going on for years.  She looked at me and asked “Do you know what you have?, Because if you don’t, I do, I’m pretty sure you have Endometriosis”.  It would take another 6 months for a surgeon to give me that same diagnosis.  That day she gave me a lot of different recommendations regarding diet (reducing dairy, omitting it altogether if possible) and suggestions for pain relief (magnesium tablets for example) many of which were a great help.  She also recommended reducing the stress in my life and the sources of negativity.  Ironically those 6 months not only brought a diagnosis but also the removal of a lot of those sources of negative energy!  And it has made a vast difference to my Endo.

Listening to Cathy tell her story that day, I was amazed at what she had been through, and at her courage in dealing with it all.  I was also relieved that someone else, someone else I could actually talk to, had all the same symptoms as me.  The  more stories I read about women with this disease the more I realise the effects it has, on our work lives, on our social lives and on our love lives.  But it also brings out a strength in us that we probably never realised we had.  Cathy’s story is about turning that experience into something positive and helping others.

Name: Cathy Melling

Age: 43

Occupation: Therapist/Kinesiologist

Diagnosed with Endo at: 35

Most difficult thing about Endo: uncertainty around my health

Worst/Most regular symptom: no sleep!!

Previous surgeries:

  1. investigative laparoscopy
  2. removal of endometriosis from bladder, women, left-side of lower colon
  3. hystoscopy, 3 times as cervix wouldn’t cooperate
  4. removal of 1ft of small intestine and illeo-ceocal valve

Alternative treatments used:  Amatsu, kinesiology, reflexology

Helpful hints for others: hot water bottle, Magnesium tables, no dairy, and lots and lots of compassion

One positive thing to have come from having Endo:  becoming a therapist

Cathy pictured below with her niece



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